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The Madville Publishing booth at AWP23.

AWP 2023 Recap

We had a wonderful time at AWP 2023 in Seattle
Our booth, on prime real estate on sponsor’s row, was a huge hit at the Bookfair with our Dolly Parton poster, book signings by ten different authors, and fantastic offsite readings. We owe Luanne Smith and Lana Austin our sincere gratitude for making it all possible and helping our authors promote themselves. And Luanne curated a great panel about writing poverty from the perspective of the urban and the rural landscapes. Everyone on that panel was just right, and each offered a unique perspective to the conversation. Thanks also to Jodi Angel for stepping up to moderate Lu’s panel. (She had to cancel at the last minute with family concerns.) We got to see Lana at the Chieftan’s Pub Reading, which she organized and invited us all to participate in, but Luanne should have been having fun in the pictures with us, too. So this page is dedicated to Luanne.

Writers World workshop mini shows a split screen with an old typewriter on the left in yellow, and a laptop on a turquoise background on the right

Writer’s World Workshop

Kim Davis had the opportunity to represent Madville at the Writer’s World Mini Workshop today, and it was a whirlwind! So much information is such a compact period of time. Pre-Covid, we’d never have seen this sort of gathering in which people from all around the country came together, spoke candidly and laughed together about our crazy industry.

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