Nat'l Poetry Month Slide One
Have you ever seen a spring as beautiful as this,
the red of that maple, the washed denim sky?

excerpt from “Joy,” from
Heartbreak Tree by Pauletta Hansel
(Winner of the 2023 PSV North American Book Award)

Nat'l Poetry Month Slide Two
My bare feet soak up the sun: two old white cats
on the porch in the morning. This is spring. It’s home
and it’s a mystery, deep as your bones.

excerpt from “Barefoot Madrigal”
from Heirloom Language
by Barbara E. Young

Nat'l Poetry Month Slide Three
May I pay attention today
to the call of birds
first warm breath of spring
sunlight glinting off a pretty girl’s long hair.

excerpt from “Prayer for the Restless Son” from multiple-award-winner Some Notes You Hold by Rita Simms Quillen

The Green Mage and Windkeep
Here be dragons! Yes, and wizardry

Check out our first fantasy novel in a new YA series by Michael Simms!

And here is a sneak peek at the cover for book 2 in the series!

cover art for both titles
by Andrew Dunn

coming January 2024!

Windkeep by Michael Simms, book two in the Talon Trilogy. Coming January 2024. Cover art by Andrew Dunn shows a flying dragon setting fire to a castle.
Windkeep: The Talon Trilogy Volume Two

Front cover of the second book in the Talon Trilogy, Windkeep, by Michael Simms.

Madville Events
Author Events

Madville works with some of the best authors in literary writing today, and they are busy and in demand all of the time. This is their events calendar.

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The Madville Publishing booth at AWP23.
Author and photographer Lee Zacharias takes a photo with authour Michael Gills. Photo by Lee Zacharias.
Bruce Overby reads at the launch party for his novel, The Cyclone Release.
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