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We are a tiny publisher, and only publish between 12 and 24 manuscripts per year. We run several competitions annually, including a couple of anthologies. All the info we have about our open submissions periods is on this page, with links to our Submittable page. WE ONLY ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS THROUGH OUR SUBMITTABLE PAGE.

Our current open calls for submissions

Submitting Manuscript Queries

All manuscripts published by Madville Publishing undergo a rigorous vetting process before they are accepted for publication. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, and we are turning away queries at present. We have more than we can read. Don’t even query before October, please!

We send promising manuscripts out for review to published authors and professional editors who write reviewers’ reports detailing the works’ strengths and weaknesses before we decide whether or not to offer an author a contract. Reviewers are anonymous, because we want them to feel free to share honest reviews with us. Just know that they are widely read, talented authors in their own rights. They are familiar with everything in our catalog, and have been with us since we started. So, in a way, Madville’s catalog has been directed by their tastes. With this in mind, the best way to learn what we like is have a look at the books we offer for sale.

PLEASE NOTE: Be brief in your initial query. We’ll let you know if we’d like to know more. No matter how wonderful your project, we may be swamped, and long emails from strangers get overlooked.


After you have sent us a query, and if we ask you to submit your manuscript, this is how we would prefer that you format it:

Prose should be submitted in 12 pt., Times New Roman, double spaced, one inch margins and pages numbered. If it is not a contest submission, make sure your name and contact information is in the header and on the title page.

Poetry should be 12 pt., Times New Roman, single spaced, one inch margins, one poem per page, and pages numbered. Full manuscripts should include credits for previously published poems and a table of contents.

Unless we communicate with you directly and request your manuscript, we only accept submissions through Submittable. You can see all our open Calls for submissions by following this link to our Submittable page:


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