Audiobooks at Madville Publishing

Here is a list of our currently available Audiobooks, click the cover to be taken to each book’s Audible Page.
(We only list the one vendor here, but we are in the process of expanding our distribution capabilities for the audiobooks, so be sure to search your favorite audiobook vendor for our titles if Audible is not your first choice.):

Audiobook cover for Windkeep: Volume Two in the Talon Trilogy by Michael Simms. The cover is in dark blue to black shades with bright dots of flame at the tops of turret towers circling a central tower where a dragon can be seen breathing fire on the central towers. You can see the tragon in sihlouette because there's a full moon behind her.
Audiobook cover for The Green Mage by Michael Simms ready by Benjamin Fife
Audiobook cover for THE CYCLONE RELEASE: A NOVEL OF SILICON VALLEY by Bruce Overby. The scene is a dark wet street at night with trees in an esplanade barely visible through streetlights shining in fog. There is a green overlay of 1990s style computer code.
Audiobook cover for Bicycles of the Gods: A Divine Comedy by Michael Simms read by Benjamin Fife. This cover shows a frescoed ceiling with three young boys on bicycles apprearing to come through the clouds in the middle on bicycles.
No Evil is Wide by Randall Watson, read by Nick Gilley
The Autobiography of Francis N. Stein: The Last Promethean by A. Rooney, read by Nick Gilley
Sonju written by Wondra Chang read by Laurie Carter Rose.
What a Wonderful World This Could Be, written by Lee Zacharias, read by Laurie Carter Rose
The Memoir of the Minotaur audiobook cover, written by Tom Shachtman, narrated by Charles Geddes