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Runaway Anthology Results!

Runaway Stories

Runaway Stories: An Anthology edited by Luanne Smith, Michael Gills, and Lee ZachariasThe Runaway Anthology results are in at long, long, last. We had hoped to make this announcement three weeks ago. However, the universe conspired to slow us down with dreadful things like illness, injury, surgery and several deaths in our families, but we are gathering our wits at last. We are ready to announce the stories our judges have chosen to include in our 2020 short fiction anthology, Runaway Stories: An Anthology [working title]. *

Here are the judges’ choices:

  • “The Stones” by Richard Shelton
  • “Neighbor Boys and Cousins” by Jodi Angel* honorable mention $100
  • “Kansas” by Emily Chiles
  • “Ritual” by Albert Aden* #1 $200
  • “Running Toward Away” by Richard Jay Goldstein
  • “If That Isn’t a Sign From God, Then I Don’t Know What Is” by Philen Bradford
  • “Sugar” by Misty Skaggs
  • “The Whiskey Monkey” by Maureen O’Brien
  • “Vivian Delmar” by Louise Marberg
  • “Nothing to Light Our Way” by Emily Hoover* honorable mention $100
  • “Daphne: The Aspen Version” by Erica Olsen
  • “Reapers” by Jeffrey Byrem
  • “Reading Herzog” by Michael Simpson
  • “Iris with Mermaids” by Deborah Johnstone
  • “Sioux Falls, South Dakota” by Marisol Cortez
  • “Sever” by Kellie Carle
  • “Lubbock 1974” by Bobby Horecka
  • “Running in Circles” by Merrill Gray
  • “Under the Grapefruit Tree” by Shelbi Carpenter
  • “Willie’s Crucifixion” by Rick Campbell* #2 $200
  • “The Thing” by Lou Morrison
  • “The Anchor Song” by Maurice Ruffin
  • “After We’re Gone” by Brett Riley
  • “Xmas, Jamaica Plain” by Melanie Rae Thon
  • “The House of Unintelligible Omens” by Randall Watson
  • “Lost Her Way” by Jen Knox
  • “The Fishing Dog” by Bonnie Jo Campbell

Congratulations each of these fine authors. All of us at Madville along with our judges, Luanne Smith, Michael Gills, and Lee Zacharias wish you all the best!

* We are doing our best to have it ready in time for AWP 2020 in San Antonio! Come see us at booth number 1658.
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Neon Moon Reading Raised $250 for Casa Juan Diego

By the Light of a Neon Moon: Poetry Out of Dance Halls, Honky Tonks, Music Halls and Clubs
Janet Lowery and Meg Spesia smile for the camera under a blue and white sign reading "Casa Juan Diego 4818 Rose Entrada"
Janet Lowery with Meg Spesia, a Catholic Worker from Chicago now working at Casa Juan Diego in Houston.

With support from the English Department at the University of St. Thomas, Houston, on Wednesday Oct 16th in the Art Gallery on campus, poet Janet Lowery hosted a reading of poetry from By the Light of a Neon Moon, the anthology of poems she edited for Madville Publishing. With the help of the Montgomery Arts Council, fiction writer Cliff Hudder, and 2011 Poet Laureate Dave Parsons, a reading from the anthology was also delivered on Thursday October 17 at Lone Star College, Montgomery campus.

By the Light of a Neon Moon: Poetry Out of Dance Halls, Honky Tonks, Music Halls and ClubsSales from the anthology at both readings amounted to $250.00, all of which was donated to Casa Juan Diego, a House of Hospitality in Houston which provides food, clothing, and shelter—both long-term and short term—to immigrants and the homeless. They accept donations of food, clothing and other items on their premises on Rose Street and online through their website.

Poets from the anthology who read at UST with Janet Lowery included Katie Hoerth,  Lesley Clinton, Winston Derden, and Dave Parsons. Poets reading at Lone Star with Dave Parsons and Janet Lowery included Houston poet Winston Derden and poet Karen Head, editor of the Atlantic Review.