May 2024
MAY 2024
Spring slides into Summer

With Gerry La Femina’s prose poetry anthology, Fantastic Imaginary Creatures. Then think road trip and sample the poetry of a vibrant new voice out of Nashville, Ben Groner III with his Dust Storms May Exist.

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Dust Storms May Exist: Poems by Ben Groner III. Cover shows a bright colored painting of a desert with blue sky, pink, orange, and purple hills in the distance and a straight road made of converging grey lines.
The title, Fantastic Imaginary Creatures is woven through the pen-shaped protuberances on a little red clay man/gremlin sort of fellow. He's rather adorable in bright red and green with big white teeth. He looks more like he's smiling than growling, and possibly reaching out for a hug. At the bottom, it says, An Anthology of Contemporary Prose Poems edited by Gerry LaFemina
March 2023
March 2024
Two poetry collections

For the month of March, we offer the work of two beloved Appalachian poets, Jim Minick with The Intimacy of Spoons, and Darnell Arnoult with Incantations.

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2 book covers: Jim Minick's THE INTIMACY OF SPOONS, and Darnell Arnoult's INCANTATIONS
After Camus
After Camus

This novel is getting attention everywhere it goes! We’re proud to share the lastest from reviewers you may know…

After Camus, Midwest Book Review quote.Image shows the cover with Midwest Book Review quote.
Murray Weiss Catalyst Literary
Pull quote from the NY Journal of Books review of Jay Neugeboren's novel, AFTER CAMUS
February 2024 Titles
Madville’s first Fantasy Series
The Talon Trilogy

Windkeep, book 2 in Michael Simms’ fantasy series The Talon Trilogy about Tessia the Dragon Queen. Launched February 2024, and amid magical adventures, the characters we came to know and love in The Green Mage become embroiled in issues that involve governance, and what social structures serve.

January 2024
Madville Poetry
3 poetry collections for January 2024

The Pendulum Moves Off by Theodore Haddin, a poem is a house by linda ravenswood, and The Book of Failures by Neil Shepard.

Fall Titles
Madville Publishing
Fall 2023 Titles

Everybody Here Is Kin by BettyJoyce Nash, Ring of Earth by William Woolfitt, Pa’l Otro Lado by Juan Ochoa, and “The Truth” by Sam Pickering.

     Arthur Smith Poetry Prize (2024)

The Arthur Smith Poetry Prize will open again for submissions on June 1, 2024. We find it hard to believe...
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Wild Wind – we know who’s in

Wild Wind: Poems and Stories Inspired by the Songs of Robert Earl Keen edited by Sandra Johnson Cooper and Ron...
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London Book Fair 2024

Six Madville Books went to the London Book Fair Our friends, Jade and Wilnona, the "And I Thought Ladies," took...
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Appalachian Studies Conference

Our Madville poets did a fabulous job of representing us at the 47th Annual Appalachian Studies Conference The theme was,...
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2023 Arthur Smith Poetry Prize Winners

Madville is pleased to announce that linda ravenswood‘s poetry collection, a poem is a house, is the winner of our...
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AWP24 came early

We had a smaller showing at this year's AWP conference. Kim didn't attend, having begun her college career in Missouri,...
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Notes on Madville Publishing’s 2023 Fall Fundraiser

On November 16, 2023, Madville Publishing held its first Fall Fundraiser to help with operating costs. Tickets were available with...
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Sticks & Bricks: Stories from the Wrong Side of the Tracks

So many people have been patiently waiting for news of the selection progress with Sticks & Bricks. At last, the...
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Southern Festival of Books 2023

We will be attending the Southern Festival of Books in 2023 It is in Nashville again this year, and we...
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Fantastic Imaginary Creatures

Fantastic Imaginary Creatures is an anthology edited by Gerry LaFemina. Projected publication is March 2024. It is closed for submissions.
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