Happy 2022 from Madville Publishing

We wish you Happy New Year 2022, but first, here is a quick recap of 2021.

We know that many among our subscribers, authors, and staff went back to teaching face-to-face amid Covid fears in 2021. We applaud you all for your hard work and dedication. What you do is a calling.

Lee Zacharias, Wondra Chang, and Francine Rodriguez read from their 2021 Madville Novels.
Lee Zacharias reading from What a Wonderful World This Could Be, Wondra Chang answering questions about Sonju, and Francine Rodriguez reading from A Woman’s Story.

We didn’t get to see one another in person as much as we like in 2021, but we attended a few virtual events, like AWP in March, and there were a few bright pockets of time when the likes of Lee Zacharias, Wondra Chang, and Francine Rodriguez braved the scary world outside between Covid mutations and booster shots to sign books and read their stories in front of live people.

Our 2021 authors have been fabulous. They affirm that despite the daunting nature of the search for one’s audience, worthwhile literature can still find an audience. (All praises to the Indie bookstores that have hosted our authors this year.) While the pandemic has seen book sales industry-wide increase due to the increased demand for children’s books and textbooks, that increase in sales has been more modest for authors of poetry, literary fiction and nonfiction. That said, Madville increased production a little bit this year, to an official 13, with one 2022 title coming out a little early, (All I See Is Your Glinting: 90 Days in the Pandemic Gianna Russo and Jenny Carey.) We also added 8 hardback editions of existing titles in our catalog. You can find those here.

We added two audiobooksWhat a Wonderful World This Could Be, and Sonju, both read by the wonderful Laurie Carter Rose, and of course, every book we publish is available in multiple ebook formats either here on our website, or at most online ebook vendors.

We’re finally a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

We had some good news in February after two long years of going backward and forward with the IRS, we were granted our official 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. That’s huge for a little press like Madville. It allows us to apply for grants and makes any donations we receive tax deductible (retroactive to June 2020). If anyone needs a receipt for a donation, please get in touch. And, of course, we are always able to put donations to good use, producing and promoting quality literature.

Many thanks to all who donated during our recent online fundraiser. And we have to say, it isn’t too late to make a 2021 donation!

Madville Publishing's 2021 book covers.

We accomplished a lot in 2021

We published 13 titles this year, and we couldn’t be prouder of them. 

Note the badges on the award winners… We had some of our 2020 titles winning awards this year as well. We created a new section of the website for Award Winners so you can see them all in one place.

Ron and Alice Kenney
Ron and Alice Kenney.

On a sad note, we lost one of our Madville family this year. Ron Kenney, our beloved English jockey friend, and author of An Englishman in Texas passed away. We hope you will join us in sending love and condolences to his wife Alice. Ron was 91 years old, and one of the most uplifting people you could ever hope to know. He’s bound to be singing and dancing in heaven. 

From Madville Publishing to you,

Happy New Year and all the very best wishes for 2022! 

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