Madville Publishing's 2019-2020 Catalog cover

Our 2019-2020 Catalog is Ready!

Madville Publishing's 2019-2020 Catalog coverOur fall 2019-spring 2020 catalog is finally ready to show the world. We’ve been leaking a title here and there, but now we have them all in one place. We are proud of this curated collection. There is a little bit of everything. Click HERE, or click the image at right to see the whole catalog.

Familiar Essay

Leading the way is Sam Pickering’s The World was My Garden, Too
followed closely by Bob Kunzinger’s A Third Place: Notes in Nature


We have an adoption tale from the Himalayan Mountains that reads like fiction by Kate Saunders, Stand in the Traffic


Our first poetry offering is A Clearing Space in the Middle of Being by Jeff Hardin
Next comes Gianna Russo’s One House Down
Then the prose poetry of Gerry LaFemina with Baby Steps in Doomsday Prepping
And we finish out the year with a Southern fantasy told in verse by JC Reilly, What Magick May Not Alter


We’re sponsoring an anthology of stories about Running Away (we’ll post that call for submissions soon.)
and we have a short story collection by Bobby Horecka, Long Gone & Lost: True Fictions and Other Lies

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