This Fierce Afterglow

by Swep Lovitt
978-1-948692-70-0 paper 16 .95
978-1-948692-71-7 ebook 9.99
6 x 9, 68 pp.
December 2021

This Fierce Afterglow, by Swep Lovitt, contains selected poems from his earlier collection, Sometimes the World is Too Beautiful along with 33 new poems. Lovitt’s guiding dictum comes from Ezra Pound: “only emotion endures.” These are poems of family and the day-to-day in the world, all the while burning up in the atmosphere.

Swep Lovitt was born and raised in Mississippi. After college, he worked for 30 years in Memphis and now resides in Brookhaven, Mississippi. He played college golf and took a Masters in Modern European History from the University of Southern Mississippi. His publications include two volumes, A Boy’s Face with Swan Wings, and Sometimes the World is Too Beautiful, and 75 poems in magazines and literary journals including: The Texas Review, Mississippi Review, Poem, and Visions-Internatonal. Lovitt has two grown sons and a daughter, each with poems of their own.

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