A Woman’s Story

by Francine Rodriguez
978-1-948692-60-1 paper 19.95
978-1-948692-61-8 ebook 9.99
5½ x 8½, 294 pp.
August 2021

A Woman’s Story tells the stories of Latina women’s lives. Depicting conflict in gender bias, experiences of exploitation, violence, and powerlessness, sometimes resulting in pain and despair in their turbulent world.  But these stories also tell of these women’s celebration of life itself that empowers them and gives them the will to sustain. These stories resonate on a deeply emotional level.

Francine Rodriguez grew up in and around the skid row area of downtown Los Angeles and later worked as a Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator in the Federal sector. All told, she has worked in the fields of law and psychology for over thirty years, and her experiences in these fields inform her writing. She has published two previous novels, A Fortunate Accident (Booklocker 2015), and A Woman Like Me (Booklocker 2019). Her website is FrancineRodriguezAuthor.com

A Woman’s Story is Francine’s first world published through Madville Publishing.

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