Vince D'Amico came out to listen to a presentation I gave at the University of Houston. Photo shows Kim Davis and Vince D'Amio on the U of H campus

Poet friends honor Vincent D’Amico

We’ve lost dear friends and this one deserves to be remembered, especially. Vincent D’Amico was Madville Publishing director, Kim Davis‘s high school English teacher. Without his inspiration, it’s no exaggeration to say that Madville Publishing would never have happened. So, we are grateful to our friends Dave Parson and Janet Lowery for putting this annual event together in Mr. D’Amico’s honor. Most friends called him Vince, but to Kim, he was MR. Vince died last year, well into his 80s, and the information in the video will give you a bit more of his background.

For those who did not know him, Vince D’Amico had a lifelong love of Robert Frost’s work. He spent years taking his vacations in New Hampshire, touring the places Frost lived and worked, chronicling his life. That is why a Robert Frost reading makes such perfect sense for this Memorial.

1st Annual Vince D’Amico Memorial Poetry Reading and Open Mic. Thanks so much to Texas Poet Laureate Dave Parsons, Janet Lowery, and Deedee Fox. Janet Lowery edited Madville’s first poetry anthology, By the Light of a Neon Moon.
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