The Emotional Support Team at Madville Publishing

The emotional support team at Madville Publishing deserve mention. While the Madville Team as a whole is made up of several humans, (Kimberly Davis, Jacqueline Davis, Liz Davis, Catherine Smith, Elizabeth Evans, Linda Parsons, and two extremely clever anonymous acquisitions editors who write reader reviews for our fiction), we also have a devoted emotional support team to keep us on task. We wanted to share a little information about them. None of our books would ever see the light of day without their diligence and devotion.


Office Manager
Miss Freya disapproving of the lengthy break someone just took.

Miss Freya assures that the computers and printers are working, and that none of the papers on the desktops fly away. In addition, she is the announcer of mealtimes, and guides the humans to their places each morning. We have a routine, and Miss Freya insists that we follow it.

She can feel the barometric pressure drop and acts as an emergency alert system when a bad storm is coming, herding us into our tornado shelter under the stairs. Her emotional support is primarily directed toward the dogs.

Toofless (Toof)

Warehouse Manager
Another devoted member of the Madville Team is Toof. Photo shows a black cat in a box.

Toof manages our warehouse, keeping track of inventory and seeing any varmints off. Toof is tireless in his work, inspiring his colleagues to excellence.

A soft spoken gentleman, Toof prefers the quiet of the warehouse to the hustle and bustle of the office. Toof is selective with his emotional support. It is primarily directed at Jacqui.


Jojo, the naughtiest one.

Jojo has earned the title “Troublemaker-in-chief” as he sews chaos wherever he goes. He is great pals with Bibble, leading him into mischief at every opportunity. He shows particular aptitude when it comes to shadow security. That is, protecting us from shadows.

Jojo is great for a cuddle and is the only cat on the emotional support team who will flop happily over any shoulder and purr himself to sleep.


Security Chief & PR
Toby the Tater Tot Salad

Toby may be our Head of Security, but this big boy is our number one cuddler. He is Mister Emotional Support, always ready with a big hug. In addition, he is our FaceBark specialist. He takes his job seriously, informing the neighborhood of each new title as it releases. He never lets anyone rest alone, and assures that everyone receives sufficient cuddles.

In his free time, he likes to sunbathe and harmonize with the local ambulances and fire trucks.

Kirby (Bibble)

Security Intern & Fitness Expert
Bibble, bob, bop, bopping along.

Bibble is our newest intern. He has taken it as his special duty to see that we all get our exercise, and he never tires of trying to teach us how to chase a frizbee, ball, or any other toy he can find. He insists that we get out of our chairs a minimum of 37 times per day.

We have an author in Arizona who rescues dogs from Native American Reservations, and she thought Bibble would fit right in with our crew. We drove all the way to Gallup, New Mexico to get him.

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