Taboos & Transgressions

Taboos and Transgressions Front Cover
edited by Luanne Smith, Kerri Beth Neville, and Devi Laskar
978-1-948692-64-9 paper 20 .95
978-1-948692-65-6 ebook 9.99
6×9, 300 pp.
Fiction Anthology
October 2021

For this anthology, we are looking for stories about breaking taboos, about transgressions and wrongdoings–rule-breaking, whether personal or imposed by family or society. Tell us about consequences, whether terrible or uplifting.

Editors Luanne Smith, Kerry Beth Neville, and Devi Laskar want to see your characters behaving badly, for whatever reasons. Maurice Carlos Ruffin will select a winning story and a runner-up for cash prizes.

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