Sisypha Larvata Prodeat by Jan Cole

Sisypha Larvata Prodeat, poetry by Jan Cole

Sisypha Larvata Prodeat
(Sisypha Wearing a Mask Advances)
薛西法 假面 潛行

Poetry by Jan Cole, Art by Adelina Moya
Translated by Angela Liu

Sisypha Larvata Prodeat, poetry by Jan Cole
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6×9, 128 pp.
Poetry, Art
November 2018

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Poet, Jan Cole, seated, Kim Davis, Jacqui Davis, Lorrie Lo, and Joy Pan at the book launch party for Sisypha Larvata Prodeat
Poet, Jan Cole, seated, Kimberly Davis, Jacqueline Davis, Lorrie Lo (editor), and Joy Pan (publicist) at the book launch party for Sisypha Larvata Prodeat (Sisypha Wearing a Mask Advances). This picture was taken by  at the Wynne Home Arts Center in beautiful Huntsville, Texas. Joy Pan, in the colorful jacket at right is a leading reporter from Houston for the Herald Monthly News. Through her, we were able to approach most of the news agencies in the Houston Chinese community.

This poetry collection was first published in 1987 when Jan Cole lived and worked in San Francisco, but the poems were written over the course of many years, beginning with her time in university at the Newcomb College of Tulane University and at the Sorbonne. Many of the poems are set in the town of Huntsville, Texas, where Jan was raised and lives today. Still others reference friends Jan has known and worked with around the world. This edition includes the striking art of Mexican artist, Adelina Moya and Chinese translations by Angela Liu. Finally, the project would never have taken place if not for the editorial oversight of Lorrie Lo Wagamon.

Here is what people are saying about this unique collection:

These poems are about life, love, friendship, and masks. The rhythmic lines carry quick movements of life . . . They are witty and thought-provoking, funny, agonizing with suggestions of human struggles, and [they are] freshly imagistic . . .

薛西法假面潛行」是本有關生命,友誼與面具的詩集。韻律十足的詩句帶動了生命與思 想的快節奏。它們機智且引人深思,有趣,有暗示人類掙扎的痛苦,也有將憂鬱與蛋重疊 的鮮活意象。大部分的詩都很短,但它們令人有瞬間領悟的時刻。

—Dr. Jianqing Zheng (鄭建青英美文學博士)

These poems have given me greater insight into this remarkably talented woman whose low, soft voice and extreme modesty belie an active and passionate inner voice—one which can express universal truths while telling her personal story.

這些詩也助我更深入的領會到, 這個有著非凡天賦的女人,其實在她輕柔,低沉,且極 端謙虛的言語之下,還有一道激情活躍的聲響—在敘述自身故事的同時,還能表達普 世真理的一道聲音。

—Dr. Ralph Pease (洛夫.皮士英美文學博士)

Contributor bios:

Jan Cole is best known as a musician, composer, linguist and teacher. Studying music at the Paris Conservatory with Jean Pierre Rampal and Franciso LaGoya, among other musical legends, fueled Cole’s love of language as well as music. She performs on many instruments including flute, recorder, krummhorn, fife, penny whistle, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, tenor banjo, 5-string banjo, psaltery, guitarrón, keyboard, folk harp, and dulcimer. One of her greatest joys is seeing the professional successes of her flute and guitar students.

Adelina Moya’s art is displayed in galleries around Mexico and Texas. She teaches porcelain, ceramic, watercolor, wood-burning, oil, acrylic and wash techniques.


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