Judgment Day & Other White Lies

Judgment Day & Other White Lies by Mike Hilbig. Front cover shows an orangutan with a gun and an egg timer balancing on the rim of a Greek Urn with Perseus holding the Medusa's head.

by Mike Hilbig

Judgment Day & Other White Lies
ISBN: 978-1-948692-76-2 paperback 18.95
ISBN: 978-1-948692-77-9 ebook 9.95
164 pp.
February 2022
short stories

Judgment Day & Other White Lies is a short fiction collection that deconstructs whiteness by retelling versions of Greek, Roman, and Christian myths, concepts, and characters through a contemporary lens that reads whiteness into history as a force of destruction for white characters (in addition to those they oppress). From an alternative biblical Genesis about apes having orgies while on magic mushrooms to create western civilization (as told by the kinds of philosophers who have to be stoned themselves), to a retelling of the Oresteia where the white heavy metal musician Orestes is helping his aging mother Dawn commit suicide, to a white graffiti writer, magician, and cultural mis-appropriator named Per-C who fundamentally alters reality by painting fantastical ‘Dusa portraits all over the city of Houston, to the eponymous story Judgment Day that primarily concerns the mind-altering-collapsing effects of a hallucinogenic on a Christlike white man who has two sets of memories stuck in his head, these stories show the tragicomic consequences of what happens when white people identify with the white lie of an identity that lives a fiction to maintain power.

Author, Mike Hilbig
Author, Mike Hilbig

Mike Hilbig graduated in 2017 from Sam Houston State University with an MFA in Creative Writing, Editing, and Publishing. He lives in Houston, TX and teaches English at the University of Houston-Downtown and at Lone Star College.

Cover by Crowcrumbs, a designer, illustrator, and artist based in Houston, Texas. She studied design and studio arts at the University of Houston.

What people are saying about Judgment Day & Other White Lies

The stories in Judgment Day & Other White Lies are quintessentially Mike Hilbig, his deft artistic imagination at work (and play). . . . The stories engage in a kind of Romantic revolution. But Hilbig’s is a post-Romantic strategy designed both to turn the natural into the supernatural and the supernatural into the natural, and to deconstruct, destabilize that Romantic experiment—a postmodern impulse I believe Coleridge himself would find deeply compelling. . . . These are stories underpinned by wisdom and humor, which are simultaneously a powerful cultural critique—the call for a reckoning.”

Robin Davidson, author of Luminous Other and Poet Laureate of Houston, TX from 2015-2017

Judgment Day & Other White Lies is a kaleidoscopic collection—sharply intellectual, at times hallucinatory, but always grounded in deeply felt and richly imagined human drama. In these stories, the mythic and the mundane collide and remix in startling ways, feeling both timeless and contemporary. The transfigurations that Hilbig’s characters undergo are rendered with such precision and empathy that the reader can’t help but feel transformed as well. 

—Nick Lantz, author of You, Beast

A thoroughly enjoyable work by Mike Hilbig on the interconnectedness of race, gender, religion, and spirituality … and Houston! A writing style that’s at once Milan Kundera like, and original, with a voice that speaks for and to our tumultuous times.

—Amit Verma, author of A Quiver in the Purlieu

Dead Fish Wind: a novel by Cooper Levey-Baker

Dead Fish Wind: a novel by Cooper Levey-Baker. front cover. White letters on a red background with a gradient of stylized purple waves.

Dead Fish Wind
by Cooper Levey-Baker

ISBN: 978-1-948692-74-8 paperback 19.95
ISBN: 978-1-948692-75-5 ebook 9.99
5 ½ X 8 ½, 204 pp
January 2022

Cicely has got problems. Stuck working a crappy job to take care of her deadbeat father, she’s living just a step above homelessness in a town ruled by a remote, affluent elite and stricken with a catastrophic outbreak of red tide. But then Cicely makes a friend, perhaps her first, and she starts dreaming of a way out of her predicament. It’s a scheme that involves stolen placentas and a dangerous outlaw doula that leads to a confrontation with the malignant forces around her and the mother who abandoned her as a child.

In this grim, comic debut novel, author Cooper Levey-Baker tells a bizarre coming-of-age story in prose that is lyrical, gross, tragic, goofy, and maybe even a bit tender.

Author and journalist, Cooper Levey-Baker. He has blond hair and is standing wearing a dark button-up shirt and jeans. There are trees with sunlight filtering through them in the background.
Cooper Levey-Baker

Cooper Levey-Baker is a writer and journalist. His fiction has appeared in the Sierra Nevada Review and Burrow Press’s Fantastic Floridas series, and his journalism has won multiple awards from the Florida Magazine Association and the Florida Society of Professional Journalists.

What people are saying about Dead Fish Wind:

“For those who adore the dystopic cli-fi, the not-quite-today, the Jeff-VanderMeer-on-a-plate-in-Florida, Cooper Levey-Baker’s Dead Fish Wind does it all. Ciceley, our heroine, in her pasties serving Cub Scouts. Ciceley confronting her father with a boxcutter. Ciceley inching toward happiness with Zinnia, a remote chanteuse. Dead Fish Wind, Levey-Baker’s first novel, is set to explode. But beware the orange-scented golf course, the male nurse in blue scrubs, and, of course, the fish.”

—Terese Svoboda, author of Great American Desert

“The scariest part of Cooper Levey-Baker’s near-term dystopia in Dead Fish Wind is that after our poisoned, red tide summer, that future is already here. Levey-Baker’s heroine, Cicely, scrapes by in an ecologically ruined Florida. One wishes this taut novel, Levey-Baker’s first, could serve as yet another eco-warning. Instead, it’s a guide on the dark choices we will all soon have to make to survive.”

—Tony D’Souza, author of Whiteman, winner of the Florida Book Award for Fiction

“The Florida depicted here is one we know and one we don’t want to know; it is our present and it is our possible future. Levey-Baker’s achievement, through wondrous prose and compelling characters, is to vividly bring us into this debauched and debased world and, perhaps, offer us a plaintive warning. Dead Fish Wind is an important novel from an impressive new writer. It’s not to be missed. “

—Brian Petkash, author of Mistakes by the Lake

Obama’s Children: Poems by Earl S. Braggs

Obama's Children: Poems by Earl S. Braggs. A young woman in a yellow sweater wearing a mask holds a megaphone. She is superimposed over a colorful background
ISBN: 978-1-948692-72-4 paperback $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-948692-73-1 ebook $9.99
6 x 9″, 76pp.
December 2021

A universal quest for human dignity and acknowledgement made specific through the Black experience.

Author Earl S. Braggs stands with a red brick wall at his back. He is an African American man wearing a Trilby hat, a vest and jacket and a white shirt. He wears wire-rimmed glasses.
Author, Earl S. Braggs

A country boy from Wilmington N.C., Earl S. Braggs is a UC and Battle Professor of English at the U of Tennessee at Chattanooga. His awards include the International Jack Kerouac Literary Prize and the Anhinga Poetry Prize. Braggs is the author of fourteen poetry collections including Negro Side of the Moon and Ugly Love.

What people are saying about Obama’s Children:

If poetry is music, Earl Braggs is its composer. And what he composes is jazz—smoky, sensual, serpentine stanzas of jazzy poetry at its improvisational best: staccato-trumpeting lines, tempo-driven voices, melodic repetitions, lowdown bluesy fragmentations of logic and sensibility… pouring into the corners of our consciousness, ragtiming us into booty-shaking highs and tenor-saxing us into deep deep downs. Such is jazz. Such is poetry. Such is jazz and poetry together. And such is this jazz-riffing collection.

George Drew, author of Drumming Armageddon and Fancy’s Orphan

“Like notes of jazz played between notes of jazz music,” Obama’s Children is a headlong riff on the motifs of race, history, legacy and love. These vital poems reverberate with elements of improvisation and pastiche and are galvanized by exultant word play and an ecstatic vividness of spirit. Of Earl S. Braggs’ many collections, Obama’s Children is a fearless, sparkling magnum opus.

Gianna Russo, Wordsmith of the City of Tampa, and author of One House Down

Earl Braggs is his own man. His poems are a personal and public history of America told in numerous personas, poetic syntax, and a dancing rhythmic narrative that carries the reader into stories that seem familiar yet are often a bit askew. It’s like looking at the world through old glass windows—streets, cars, trees, people, and history are wavy and grainy but not untrue. The truth is in the spirit, in the heart of the work and the poet. Book after book reveals what it’s like to be a Black man in the United States, and therefore, what it’s like to be an American.

Rick Campbell, author of Provenance and Gunshot, Peacock, Dog


Heartbreak Tree: Poems by Pauletta Hansel

Heartbreak Tree: Poems by Pauletta Hansel, front cover. White block letters are superimposed over a painting of a road and a tree by Angelyn DeBord
Heartbreak Tree: Poems by Pauletta Hansel
ISBN: 978-1-948692-88-5 paperback $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-948692-89-2 ebook $9.99
poetry for release March 2022
painting by Angelyn DeBord

Heartbreak Tree is a poetic exploration of the intersection of gender and place in Appalachia. “There is a road, but the road is still inside you,” the mature Hansel tells the girl she was, encouraging her: “You are trying. Remember.” This book does the work of that remembering, honoring the responsibility of the poet to speak the forbidden stories of her own and other women’s lives.

Pauletta Hansel, poet, memoirist, and teacher. Pauletta is framed in this photo by autumn trees with their leaves turning in the background. Her short hair is gray, and she wears a burgundy colored scarf on her head with a matching sweater and a floral scarf around her nect. She has a welcoming smile that touches her eyes and mouth.
Pauletta Hansel, poet, memoirist, and teacher
photo by Kentucky Rose Photography

Pauletta Hansel is a poet, memoirist and teacher who is author of eight poetry collections including Friend, Coal Town Photograph and Palindrome, winner of the 2017 Weatherford Award for best Appalachian Poetry. Her writing has been widely anthologized and featured in print and online journals including Oxford American, Rattle, The Writer’s Almanac, American Life in Poetry and Verse Daily. Appalachian Journal, Appalachian Review, Cincinnati Review, and Still: The Journal, among others. Pauletta was Cincinnati’s first Poet Laureate, 2016-2018 and for ten years served as managing editor of Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, the literary publication of Southern Appalachian Writers Cooperative.

Read Pauletta’s work, and hear her read her own work on her website, paulettahansel.wordpress.com.

What readers are saying about Pauletta Hansel’s Heartbreak Tree:

Women. We belong to a secret sharing, among mothers and daughters, girlfriends and sisters and lovers. We see each other across the grocery line, or in traffic, or in the salon—and we nod, knowing that we each have suffered brutalities, unnamed. We survive what others do to us, and we survive what we do to us, so often in self-violating silence, as we go on because we must—mustn’t we?—smiling, pleasing. But sometimes, rare and sure, a voice comes out of this silence, unpleased and singing; sometimes, somehow, a woman knows how to transform this violence into medicine, enough to share. Pauletta Hansel’s Heartbreak Tree is just such a miracle. Every unflinching, healing poem tells the mother, daughter, girlfriend, lover who is silenced inside me to never forget: it is only the truth that sets us free.

—Rebecca Gayle Howell, author of  American Purgatory; United States Artists Fellow, 2019

Heartbreak Tree is a gorgeous book, carefully assembled from flowers, dirt, graveyards, family memories, and letters to the poet’s younger self. It’s a love story to a place and a people, an excavation, a time capsule, a fierce inquiry and a song. Read it once for the pleasure of the honest voice, read it again for the beauty of the land and lamentation at its destruction, and keep reading it because its heartbeat, however specifically regional, is the same that pulses through all of us, whispering ‘home, home, home.

—Alison Luterman, In the Time of Great Fires, winner of the 2020 Catamaran Poetry Prize

Pauletta Hansel’s Heartbreak Tree is the breakout work of a lifetime, a work of breaking silences and ancestral truth telling, of weighing what poet Mary Oliver called a “box of darkness” in heart and hand like the pound of flesh it extracted—and finding it a strange gift of hard growth, harder knowledge and wisdom, and perhaps most importantly, self-forgiveness.

—Linda Parsons, author of Candescent and This Shaky Earth

Pauletta Hansel’s poems were born in the hardscrabble mountains of Kentucky.  The splendor of their moments of beauty that spring up like “ironweed purpling/ the spent fields” seems earned, deserved.

—Michael Simms, author of American Ash, and editor of Vox Populi

The Iron Scar: A Father and Son in Siberia

The Iron Scar: A Father and Son in Siberia by Bob Kunzinger with photos by Michael Kunzinger. Image shows a young forest along the tracks with a bright blue sky above

by Bob Kunzinger with photographs by Michael Kunzinger

ISBN: 978-1-948692-86-1 paperback
ISBN: 978-1-948692-87-8 ebook
April 21 2022


by Bob Kunzinger

with photographs by Michael Kunzinger

Front cover for: The Iron Scar: A Father and Son in Siberia BY BOB KUNZINGER WITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL KUNZINGER

ISBN: 978-1-948692-86-1 paperback 19.95
ISBN: 978-1-948692-87-8 ebook 9.99
April 2022

The Iron Scar is both a literal journey by a father and son on the longest railway journey in the world, and a metaphoric pilgrimage of not just the author and his adult son, but all of us learning to let go on our way through life.

Author Bob Kunzinger silhouetted against the window in the dining car aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway
Bob Kunzinger is the author of nine collections of essays, including A Third Place: Notes in Nature, and Penance: Walking with the Infant. He lives in Virginia.

Michael Kunzinger’s photography has appeared in publications such as KestrelBlue Planet Journal, and St Anthony Messenger, and has been in solo and group shows in Virginia, New York, and Galway, Ireland. His abstract work was featured for a solo exhibition at the renowned Quick Center for the Arts in New York, a finalist in an International Competition featured at The Louvre in Paris, and he is the author of the photo essay book, Across The Wild Land: A Photographic Journey on the Trans-Siberian Railroad from Blurb Books.

What people are saying about The Iron Scar:

The Iron Scar brought me on a journey that unexpectedly and artfully had me thinking about my own father and my sons throughout the book, as well as introducing me to the wild, warm, and colorful world of Siberia. Thank you for bringing me onboard with you and your son.

—Martin Sheen, actor and author of Along the Way: The Journey of a Father and Son

I wish every book I’ve read over the past two months had been as moving, gripping, and loaded with fascinating information. The journey becomes an emotional and thematic whole that transcends the standard “look what I saw” travel book. So many things stick with me: the royal blue station shacks, the birches with no tops, the meat and potato pastries, the smell of onions, the vodka, the wheel tapping, the once-in-hundred-year flooding, the vast vacancies of human presence, the moving village of the train, the Leningrad hero, the Leningrad ghosts . . . Just so much. Well done!

—Tim O’Brien, author of The Things They Carried and Going After Cacciato

A Quiver In The Purlieu

A Quiver in the Purlieu, a novel by Amit Verma front cover

A Quiver in the Purlieu is a magically real novel by Amit Verma
978-1-948692-68-7 paper 18 .95
978-1-948692-69-4 ebook 9.99
5½ x 8½, 294 pp.
November 2021

A book flies away as soon as it’s completed, defining a pivotal point in the life-arch of the protagonist. This life-arch also features a banyan tree growing in Canada, a bar in semi-rural U.S.A., a sliver of time in an idyllic, isolated village in India, a bored billionaire playing the stock market, a comic book princess, and an interstellar spaceship journey. All this takes place in a universe that’s ever-expanding.

Amit Verma Is a resident of Houston, TX, where he divides his time among things he Is passionate about, Including molding captive Impressionable minds and conducting research as a professor In Electrical Engineering, a perfect family, and a never perfect yard. His two works on literary fiction, The Lives and The Times, and The Lives and The Times II have been variously called, “rare find,” a “page-turner,”, and “…Is refreshing and does a humorous take on some of the pressing Issues…” Visit his website at https://amitvermaauthor.com/.

A Quiver in the Purlieu is Amit Verma’s first book with Madville Publishing.

AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo


“This magical novel takes the reader on a remarkable journey that at times made me think of Herman Hesse and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A fanciful work from a promising author.”

—Don Trowden, author of No One Ran to the Altar“The literary universe expands its depth to make room for Amit Verma’s new novel A Quiver in the Purlieu. This book travels from Canada to America to India to outer space and deals in themes as varied and complexly relayed as postcolonial politics, Lacanian psychoanalysis, and even monetary market theory. It channels Italo Calvino by addressing the capital “R” Reader, who is ready to expand their thinking while also having a wildly fun time zigging and zagging through this unpredictable gem!”

Mike Hilbig, author of Judgment Day & Other White Lies“Verma has penned a thought provoking and enlightening tale about a young man’s epic journey from boy to man.… When we first meet [the protagonist], we find him lost in a chaotic world that is a mystery to him…. we sense that he is grappling with daily life and is doing his best to make sense of the essence of just being…. This was a brilliant read and I take my hat off to Amit Verma for creating such an awe-inspiring story.”

Natasha Murray, award winning author of Julia’s Baby and 58 Farm End


Alegria, a novel by Emi Wright
by Emi Wright
978-1-948692-40-3 paper 19.95
978-1-948692-41-0 ebook 9.99
6×9, 268 pp.
October 2021

Alegría’s family struggles to keep afloat amid secrets as she develops narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder that disrupts her nights and dulls her days. In a fantastical world where dead grandmothers come to visit and witch doctors prescribe waking concoctions, young Alegría discovers the secrets behind her namesake and the imperfections within her family. When the wind blows and the rains come, will she be able to keep her family together?

A powerful and impassioned novel based out of hope, loss, and of finding one’s place in the world. Through breathtaking descriptions and elegant prose, Alegría shows a girl’s mystical journey through its enchanting moves, and it’s graceful telling of life’s search for faith, acceptance, and clarity.”

—Jasmine Robinson, author of Stony the Road we Trod

Drenched in the witchdoctor mojo of the world she’s conjured, Wright’s Alegría is the hundred-year dream-flood of a lifetime. Where daughters are named for their mother’s drowned sisters, and ghosts walk hand in hand with the living, as fine a debut as you’ll ever see. Bravo.”

—Michael Gills, author of Burning Down My Father’s House

Fairview Chronicles (Vol. II): The Case of Josie White

Fairview Chronicles (Vol. II): The Case of Josie White by Johnathan Paul, Illustrated by Andrew Dunn. A silhouette of a running woman is supermposed over a roaring bear with a moon behind it.
By Johnathan Paul, illustrated by Andrew Dunn
978-1-948692-66-3 paper 19.95
978-1-948692-67-0 ebook 9.99
6×9, 200 pp.
October 2021

Fairview Chronicles: The Case of Josie White is book two in the Fairview Chronicles series. It picks up where book one left off, but with the focus of the story on Josie White, the missing girl who drew Randall Covington, the protagonist from book one, to the mysterious town of Fairview. After the events of A Wayward Proposition, Randall joins forces with Deputy Nick Faraday and Scientist Tim Hollis to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of Josie White. What they uncover is more than they bargained for and they come face to face with legendary beasts and mystical forces.

Johnathan Paul is an award-winning Texas filmmaker, screenwriter and artist. His work as a freelance illustrator and concept artist led him to experimental film, 3D animation, and documentary film making. Johnathan wrote the first story set in the fictional town of Fairview in 1998 and has quietly expanded that world ever since. Fairview Chronicles is the first of many titles set in this fantastic universe filled with mystical horrors. He is a Professor at the University of North Texas where he teaches film production, visual effects and screenwriting. He also has a long history as a journalist and op-ed writer, having written for various film industry websites. Among his greatest influences are Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, and Terry Gilliam.

Andrew Dunn is an award-winning art director, illustrator, and graphic designer. His work as a comic illustrator and concept artist led him to connecting with Johnathan Paul while in college. From that point on, Andrew has worked as the art director for many films and as the lead artist on Fairview Chronicles since 2007. His draftsmanship has grown through the years and has been influenced by artists such as Kenneth Rocafort, Greg Capullo, and Fiona Staples among others.

The Fairview Chronicles Vol. 1 arranged on a white washed wood paneling background. Two closed copies prop up a copy which is opened to an image of a woman being disemboweled. Another closed copy and two chunks of quartz hold the book open. Two candles fill negative space on either side of the image.

Also in this series: Fairview Chronicles (book 1): A Wayward Proposition

978-1-948692-10-6 paper 18.95
978-1-948692-11-3 ebook 9.99
6×9, ~208 pp.
Fiction (January 2020)

Visit FairviewChronicles.com for more info.

Long Gone & Lost

Long Gone & Lost by Bobby Horecka

Long Gone & Lost by Bobby HoreckaLong Gone & Lost: True Fictions and Other Lies by Bobby Horecka

978-1-948692-28-1 paper 18.95
978-1-948692-29-8 ebook 9.99
5½x8½, 200 pp.
March 2020

You might’ve just started out or reached the jumping off spot. Maybe you’re the rainy-day saver who never left anyplace without charting a precise destination and itinerary first, or you’re plumb astounded you got where you’re at and couldn’t tell me what happened last night much less what’s in store six weeks from now. You might have a working man’s callused hands, the callused soul that only the mistreated know or the callused heart that comes with having yours shattered too many times. Everybody needs to catch an occasional break, or they risk becoming Long Gone & Lost…

Bobby Horecka holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Houston—Victoria, and taught at Victoria College. He has numerous works of short fiction, prose and poetry, published in literary magazines and anthologies like Amarillo Bay, Bluestem Magazine, Scribe, and The Ocotillo Review. Horecka spent 25 years in print journalism, working newsrooms large and small across Texas.

Baby Steps in Doomsday Prepping

Baby Steps in Doomsday Prepping by Gerry LaFemina

Baby Steps in Doomsday Prepping by Gerry LaFeminaBaby Steps in Doomsday Prepping
prose poems by Gerry LaFemina

978-1-948692-24-3 paper 18.95
978-1-948692-25-0 ebook 9.99
8×8, 72 pp.
February 2020

Anyone in the mood to be enchanted by a collection of prose poems that celebrate the quotidian, the commonplace, the ordinary things of this world—those “dumb beautiful messengers,” as Walt Whitman famously referred to them in “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”? Then you best pick up a copy of Gerry LaFemina’s book Baby Steps in Doomsday Prepping…. [LaFemina offers a] kind of precision with language—making a “place” into a “thing” and conveying its feel, look, and impression on the soul with such searing clarity…. [his poems] enchant the senses and succeed in stopping time . . . so that we might examine the things of this world with love and intelligence, so that we might hear them speak to us again.

—Janet Lowery, editor of By the Light of a Neon Moon

Finding their music in syntactical rhythms and rhetorical strategies, LaFemina’s sentences are sharpened to delight the ear. He writes of a rock “the shape not of a valentine but of an animal heart,” and this collection is both a valentine to love’s many forms and also full of animal heart—vulnerable, earnest, unabashed. It’s also smart, sonic, and funny, as in this line from the poem, “My Afternoon with the Critics”: “I rode with Foucault in his Renault Reliant to watch porno with Adorno on a torn couch beside the icon of Lacan.” LaFemina is both intellectual and heart-forward, and these prose poems ride the line between forms like a pick up truck owning the entirety of road in a dark night, swerving toward art, music, literature, history, and gunning it through  intersections with the lived life. As bleak as it gets, though, LaFemina knows, “the North Star just a lit window across the street” can get one through those restless nights.  

—Laura McCullough, author of The Wild Night Dress


Gerry LaFemina’s poetry collections include The Story of Ash and Little Heretic. His essays on prosody, Palpable Magic, came out in 2015 and Kendall Hunt recently released his textbook, Composing Poetry: A Guide to Writing Poems and Thinking Lyrically. He teaches at Frostburg State University and in the Carlow University MFA Program. https://gerrylafemina.com