A Quiver In The Purlieu

by Amit Verma978-1-948692-68-7 paper 18 .95978-1-948692-69-4 ebook 9.995½ x 8½, 294 pp.FictionNovember 2021 A book flies away as soon as it’s completed, defining a pivotal point in the life-arch of the protagonist. This life-arch also features a banyan tree growing in Canada, a bar in …

Alegría by Emi Wright cover. A white bird flies amongst pink letters of the title. An orange and purple illustration of a multi-story house is in the middle with a path leading to the foreground. Purple and pink birds, insects, and foliage fill the negative space.


When the wind blows and the rains come, will she be able to keep her family together?

Being Home Front Cover

Being Home

Being Home is about the spirit of place, the juncture of memory and emotions. It is different for everyone; it is different for members of the same family, and it most likely has nothing to do with where you were born or grew up.

A Woman’s Story

Woman’s Story tells the stories of Latina women’s lives. Depicting conflict in gender bias, experiences of exploitation, violence, and powerlessness, sometimes resulting in pain and despair in their turbulent world.

Sonju by Wondra Chang cover. A woman in a red and white hanbok faces away from the camera towards an old confucian temple and yellow ginko trees. "Sonju" is written in a sans-serif font in bright red at the top of the image. Wondra Chang is written in the same font in white at the bottom of the page.


Set against the historical background of the humiliating Japanese occupation and the horrors of the Korean War, Sonju portrays one woman’s journey to personal liberation.

What A Wonderful World This Could Be by Lee Zacharias Cover. Text is in a black, stenciled font. A red Banksy-style camera illustration sits inbetween the two. They've been stylized to look like they've been spraypainted onto a white brick wall.

What a Wonderful World This Could Be

by Lee Zacharias978-1-948692-50-2 paper 19.95978-1-948692-51-9 ebook 9.996×9, 360 pp.FictionJune 2021 What Alex, illegitimate daughter of an alcoholic novelist and an artist, has always wanted is family. At 15, she falls in love with a 27-year-old photographer, whom she will leave when she comes under the …

Heirloom Language

These are poems about life and dying, growing up and growing old; about how being loved transcends endings, and how sometimes anger and irony are ways of expressing love.

Long Gone & Lost by Bobby Horecka

Long Gone & Lost

You might have a working man’s callused hands, the callused soul that only the mistreated know or the callused heart that comes with having yours shattered too many times. Everybody needs to catch an occasional break, or they risk becoming Long Gone & Lost… Short fiction.

Baby Steps in Doomsday Prepping by Gerry LaFemina

Baby Steps in Doomsday Prepping

Anyone in the mood to be enchanted by a collection of prose poems that celebrate the quotidian, the commonplace, the ordinary things of this world—those “dumb beautiful messengers,” as Walt Whitman famously referred to them in “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”? Then you best pick up a copy of Gerry LaFemina’s book Baby Steps in Doomsday Prepping….