Gunshot, Peacock, Dog by Rick Campbell

Gunshot, Peacock, Dog

Gunshot, Peacock, Dog--poetry by Rick Campbell978-1-948692-04-5 paper 15.95
978-1-948692-05-2 ebook 9.99
6×9, 80 pp.
September 2018

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Rick Campbell’s latest collection reads like an extended elegy for the poet himself, for his lost loved ones, and for the changes in the wider world. In this way, it is reminiscent of Hardy. This is the work of a man wise in the ways of the world and not afraid to be what we all are: flawed. His voice is personal and vulnerable . . . The book consists of very detailed and compressed poems, both focused on the natural world and on an inner landscape described with a consistent tone and voice throughout.

—George Drew, author of Fancy’s Orphan, Pastoral Habits, and Down and Dirty

These poems are crafted from the raw material of experience, from a life lived deeply and without varnish, and each poem sparks and flares with hard-earned wisdom.

—Brian Turner, author of Here Bullet, Phantom Noise, and My Life as a Foreign Country, a Memoir

Rick Campbell has published five previous collections of poetry and numerous poems and essays. He teaches in the Sierra Nevada College Low Residency MFA Program and at Florida A&M University. He lives on Alligator Point in Florida’s Panhandle.

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