Sonju Release

Sonju by Wondra Chang cover. A woman in a red and white hanbok faces away from the camera towards an old confucian temple and yellow ginko trees. "Sonju" is written in a sans-serif font in bright red at the top of the image. Wondra Chang is written in the same font in white at the bottom of the page.

This item will be released July 22, 2021.

After she defies the rigid, oppressive Confucian tradition of order and conformity, Sonju descends from an aristocratic upbringing to working at a men’s club. In spite of social condemnations and personal tragedies, her determination to be her own person never wavers.

Sonju’s life takes a turn when her mother marries her off to a man from a wealthy farming clan rather than allowing her to marry the man she loves. Set against the historical background of the humiliating Japanese occupation and the horrors of the Korean War, Sonju portrays one woman’s journey to personal liberation.

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