A Quiver In The Purlieu Release

A Quiver in the Purlieu by Amit Verma cover. A white gloved hand pulls back a red theatre curtain to reveal the the distant silhouette of a person on a distant rock formation. The figure is backlit by an apparent sunset. They are looking up at the milkyway. Mist covers the lower parts of the rock formation and far distant mountains. Some mist is coming through past the theatre curtain.

A book flies away as soon as it’s completed, defining a pivotal point in the life-arch of the protagonist. This life-arch also features a banyan tree growing in Canada, a bar in semi-rural U.S.A., a sliver of time in an idyllic, isolated village in India, a bored billionaire playing the stock market, a comic book princess, and an interstellar spaceship journey. All this takes place in a universe that’s ever-expanding.