An Englishman in Texas: A Memoir by Ron Kenney

An Englishman in Texas
A Memoir by Ron Kenney

An Englishman in Texas by Ron Kenney Cover978-1-948692-02-1 paper 16.95
978-1-948692-03-8 ebook 9.99
5½x8½, 144 pp.
August 2018

An Englishman in Texas is a memoir by Ron Kenney, an English jockey who came to the United States in 1960. His autobiographical account begins with his childhood in the northeast of England during WWII. He goes on to describe how, with no knowledge of horses, he was sent four hundred miles from home at 14 years of age to apprentice as a jockey. He’d been turned away by the foreman at the coal mine because he was too small. The story follows Kenney through his coming of age to his coming to America when he was 30. It follows his fortunes in pursuit of the American Dream. Kenney tells of riding horses for some of the wealthiest and most famous horse trainers in Texas. He tells of his loves and his betrayals, and he introduces the people who helped him along the way

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Ron Kenney is a man short in stature, but tall in tales.

-Dr. Barbara Hayes DNP, FNP-C
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