Texas boots on a dancefloor

Dancehall Poetry

We are calling for submissions of poetry about dancehalls. We welcome all sorts of poetry.

The Deadline is October 31, 2018.

If, as Philip Larkin says, poetry preserves the memory of the human race, we believe that sweet, smoky, gritty memories of scooting boots across dusty dancefloors in honkey tonks deserve to be part of that record. We are looking for recollections of love found and of love lost. We hope to read about line dancing and mechanical bulls, crusty bartenders and jukeboxes whining out two-stepping songs full of pedal-steel guitar. Of course, the collection won’t be complete until we have at least a few crying-in-your-beer poems too.

We are not paying for submissions, but contributors will receive a copy of the book when it comes and will be entitled to full bragging rights.

We will accept previously published poems.

We will accept simultaneous submissions.

Submit up to five poems using the entry blank provided on our website. Please do not submit multiple documents. We will only accept electronic submissions.

There is no reading fee.

Submit Here

Editors: Kimberly Davis and Janet Lowery

Janet Lowery‘s poetry has been published in journals such as Poetry East, Greensboro Review, Concho River Review, and in anthologies such as Mutabilies Press’s 2015 Untameable City and the 2011 Improbable Worlds (edited by Martha Serpas); Texas in Poetry 2 (TCU Press, 2002), the Poetry East collection Who Are the Rich and Where Do They Live? (2000), and Women’s Blood (CONTINUING SAGA Press, 1981)

Kimberly Davis spent two years as acting direct at Texas Review Press, and several years as assistant to director Paul Ruffin before that. She has read for multiple international competitions, and laid out more poetry collections than she can count.