Madville Publishing LLC came into being quite recently as its director, Kimberly Davis, transitioned away from her work with Texas Review Press. Davis was acting director at TRP for two years following the death of Paul Ruffin, who directed that press from 1978 until his death in 2016. Davis’ role as first assistant director, then acting director at TRP, allowed her to form many rich relationships within the literary community. She developed her understanding of and love for the business of publishing in the process. Madville Publishing LLC grew out of her desire to continue her work publishing literary poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Madville’s mission is to present language in a playful, imaginative way. English is our first language, but we adore code switching and regionalisms from around the world. We publish poetry, fiction, and nonfiction that straddles borders. While our authors generally hail from the English-speaking academic community, our audience extends beyond the narrow confines of the academy into the popular market, particularly with regard to our fiction, where we have a tendency to stray into adventurous, fantastic, and dystopian realities.

Madville has four titles scheduled for fall 2018. Two poetry collections, a memoir, and a novella. We regularly receive queries from authors who know Kimberly Davis. For Spring 2019, we plan a poetry anthology about dancehalls edited by Janet Lowery, and we are negotiating for two works of speculative fiction.

Davis attends various writers conferences as a speaker and reads manuscripts as part of her responsibilities there. The hope is always that she will acquire a good manuscript or two.

All manuscripts published by Madville Publishing undergo a rigorous vetting process before they are accepted for publication. 

We are currently not accepting unsolicited manuscripts.